Sunday, 18 March 2007

It's a bowl?

Well last week I took Hels and a slightly dubious Simon to t Chatuchak for some souvenir shopping. Our trip definitely highlighted the differences between boys and girls approaches to shopping. While Hels and I happily browed in one stall (yes we broke all chatuchak rules from previous post – although did end up in Vivas) Si had scoped the wares of at least 10 stalls in the same time.

Hels was looking for a nice wooden salad bowl and asked Si for his opinion on 2 possibilities. He looked confused “It’s a bowl” was his response.

So while boys don’t get the importance of purchasing the most aesthetically pleasing salad bowl I’m never going to be able to understand how spending hours in electronic and gadget stores can hold them in such thrall. For me a TV is a Tv or a phone is s phone in the same way that a bowl is just a bowl for Si. Maybe it isn’t ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ but ‘Women are from Chatuchak and men are from Pantip Plaza.’

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