Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Sisters in the Sun

Had a lovely long weekend with Hels and Si in Krabi the other weekend. Despite the fact that hels had been stung to bits in the sea the previous day, poor thing, she was able to put a brave face on and enjoy the nightlife of Krabi. And Si did pretty well with us sisters gassing continually, but I've found if you find a boy a bar with football on and a drunk guy to shout abuse at the ref with they will generally put up with the girly chat. Had a gorgeous day on the beach - pootled round to Rai Leh on a long tailed boat, found a nice spot under a tree and drank in the scenery - man it is beautiful around there.


Hels Bels said...

We loved the "it's a bowl" babe!! AND please change that photo - i look like a total minger!!!!!!!!!!

Ali said...

As per usual Hels, the Sharman sisters couldn't manage a great picture, but at least you can see we are having fun in this one! Even if we are a bit shiny!