Monday, 5 March 2007

A Suitable Boy

While on the beach I read A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth. It was unputdownable (and virtually unpickable – it is huge!). Thank goodness we don’t need to go through the same pantomime to find a husband. Poor Lata is dragged right across India in search of an appropriate match. She had to sit through interminable introductions with her family as prospective suitors were paraded in front of her and she was required to make appropriate chit chat –how mortifying! I had my definite favourite contenders for her hand and have to admit I was a little disappointed with her choice – which probably means she made a good one. Mum has offered to find my a suitable boy- I declined, however she did confide in me after several singhas – that it is not so much a suitable boy that you want as “all boys are rubbish you just have to find one whose annoying habits you can put up with the most”. Straight from the horses mouth! However, I think it might be more the case of finding someone to put up with my habits!

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