Thursday, 11 January 2007

Battle of Wills

I am currently sitting in the dark as my apartment has been invaded by a giant flying beast with what looks like a very long pointy stinging device. As it was clearly attracted by the light I thought I would turn the inside lights off and the balcony lights on. However, it seems to have gone into hibernation mode and there is no way I am trying to shoo it out with an old newspaper. Hey I swell when stung - I still remember my elephant knee from a bummble bee and this is a fair bit bigger than that! At least it is now still and not buzzing round my head but I keep having to glance up every couple of minutes to ensure it is not planning a new offensive. Just want it to bugger off so I can turn on the lights - clearly should have eaten more carrots when I was younger!

1 comment:

MarknearSeattle said...

Are the carrots so your eyes can see in the dark? Nice blog.