Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Killer Heels

Last Saturday was the annual ozzie ball and the Mad Dogs were in attendance. We spurned the black tie outfits from last year and went all out for the 70s theme. I had visions of a disco diva, but obviously reality never quite adds up to the dream – somehow I’m always astonished when a new outfit doesn’t miraculously turn me into a goddess! I did have lots of fun shopping for dodgy gold material and sewing gold sequins into a heart shape on my shorts. However the icing on the cake were my fabulous new shoes. Yes I actually donned a pair of heels – oh and what heels! Gold, sparkly, incredibly high platforms. Unfortunately poor Debbie isn’t quite as keen on them after I managed to skewer her foot on the dance floor. Poor thing has quite a bruise which has been shown all over the staff room – I am suitably chastised and clearly should not be allowed out again. I'm pretty sure I managed to avoid the cameras this year so my dodgy dancing should not be broadcast on StarWorld – but then again that’s what I thought last year! Watch this space.

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