Saturday, 27 January 2007

Challenge Ali

Forget Challenge Anneka I have entered into the hardest weekend of my life! I have laryngitis and have been told I need to rest my voice and must try not to speak for 3 days. The doctor clearly does not know me and has no idea how hard this is – especially as I had a rocking weekend lined up – but have cancelled like the good girl I am. I’ve had a bit of a movie fest, but as you can tell the urge to natter has overtaken me so hence the hectic blogging – sorry.

So I think I will rate weekends movies so far:

1. Hitch – love it. I have to say Will Smith is damn fine in this one – great lines, super smile – and it would be nice to think that guys would ever go to such lengths to get a date with a girl. Where are these men?

2. Vanity Fair – Always going to be a hard one as the book is so fantastic – but very enjoyable. However, the lovely Reece Witherspoon is perhaps a bit too nice to play Becky Sharpe – she wasn’t quite bitchy enough for me.

3. Uptown Girls – wasn’t overly sure about this one when I read the back – and Brittany Murphy doesn’t exactly scream ‘must see’, however, I was surprised to have a tear in my eye at the end and several giggles in the middle. And of course Dakota Fanning rocks – hope she can escape the child actor curse and become an untroubled adult.

4. The Break-Up – Well have to say the funniest bits in this movie were the occasional Russian voice over from my dodgy MBK copy of this movie. I know it’s meant to be a comedy but it is sooooo sad. The things people do to each other. Makes me glad to be single.

5. Reign of Fire – the title says it all really – Dragons taking over the world and Christian Bales dodgy british accent – never going to be a winner. But still the gorgeous Matthew McConaghey still manages to look attractive despite the bald head and wild beard.

Well that’s it so far but it is only Saturday evening and I’ve got to get through another silent day. So I’ve got a little collection of romantic comedies donated by Rach to get through. Can’t wait!

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