Monday, 1 January 2007

Christmas in the Sun

Just back from a lovely week in Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi Tom and Ian. Bit of a blast from the past as it turns out Ian and I were at Digby Hall together all those years ago! Spent Christmas day soaking up the rays and a bit of Turkey Pad Thai for lunch. Our Christmas dinner was pretty amazing, if a little spicy for Tom, washed down with some v. dodgy ‘champagne’ which tasted disturbingly like Sangsom.

Randomly walking around Phi Phi when a picture caught our eye outside a tattoo place – a picture of none other than Jamie! – how weird.

I’m sure Tom will fill you Ealing bods in on our island exploits so to pre-empt this: 1) Yes I fell off the boat, 2) it was dodgy prawn alright, 3) Pole? What Pole?, 4) No I am never drinking buckets again.


Anonymous said...

oh yes she did fall off the boat!!! in some style to - must have been at least 15 people cracking up and her misfortune.

Dodgey prawns my arse, you had a typical sharman hangover - there are photos to prove it, not to mention the number of times you legged it to the toilet at the airport.

Ah the pole...... don't give up your day job, even ian was better on it.

you really should give up drinking alcohol all together.... especially now that your real 'preferences' have come out - there is video proof - only ali talking by the way ;o)

Anonymous said...

Ali if you don't accept my comments on your blog i will be forced to make one. and with the photos and footage we've got it could be embrassing. especially if mum reads it. ;op