Saturday, 27 January 2007

Security Measures

Having got used to seeing military on the street after the coup security measures have again increased after the New Years Eve bombs. Bags are searched going into shopping centres, soldiers (with guns – which never ceases to freak me out) ride the skytrain, vehicles are pulled over and searched and there soldiers once again in evidence at major intersections. I have to admit that the (albeit undemocratic) government are taking the threat of further bombs very seriously.

It may be a London thing but bomb scares and bombings have been, if not part of everyday life, then certainly an accepted part of living in the city, right or wrong. Its not that I have been dismissive about the bombs or the threat of further ones but I haven’t been brought up to cower in my apartment and not get on with life. After all I’m more likely to die from my fridge catching fire - or allegedly those glade plug ins (you have been warned). Bangkok, on the other hand, has not had the same history of London and some of my Thai assistants have indicated their fear of going out and are naturally worried about what will happen next. It has been hard to quash their fears without sounding flippant about what has happened, but hopefully they will become less anxious as time goes on. The very visible security measures can only help.

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