Saturday, 27 January 2007


Its mayfly season so as you are waiting for the skytrain or strolling along sukhumvit there are literally thousands of mayflies buzzing around any light. They’re not a huge annoyance although it is a bit icky when one accidentally flies down your top and gets squashed. However, I do like to keep my apartment bug free. That is until the arrive of Magnus who opened the balcony doors to pop out for a fag and let in about 80 of the buggers. Carnage. There was no way we could shoo them out without doubling the amount that came in so unfortunately the spray had to come out. But to my horror this only caused their wings to fall off and led to the little critters crawling wingless around the floor. Gross. A spot of impromptu morris dancing later and my gleaming white tiles looked like a truckers windscreen on a long-haul journey.

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David Hodges said...

Carnage indeed! A fascinating combination of Far East local color and British accented speech. To this American ear, a very rich mixture of textures. Thanks for the entertaining images. But, really, their wings fall off?