Saturday, 27 January 2007

A Youthful Complexion

Aargh. My daily moisturizing cream has just run out. Not too much of a problem you would think – just pop out to boots (yes I actually have 2 in walking distance!) and get some more. But no it turned into a right palaver. Although they did have my usual brand it only came with WHITENING. If I wanted to be pale and pasty I would still be living in England. And while I do not sunbath at every given opportunity, I wear factor 50 and sit in the shade, I do like my healthy glow. I am not going to try and diminish this on a daily basis. A look at every variety of moisturizer confirmed my worst nightmare – yes they all had whitening. I had two options: a) look like a prune b) turn a ghostly shade of pale. But never fear help was at hand! A helpful assistant was able to go to the stockroom and find me a jar of (contraband?) non-whitening cream – phew.

It always entertains me that we brits are so eager to get tanned while our asian counterparts are desperate not to become darker. We had a fire drill the other day and all trouped out as necessary onto the football pitch. We western teachers were soaking up the rays while the thai department were huddling in the pitiful bits of shade or were cowering under folders held above their heads. Well I guess they will age better than we will!

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